Friday, January 17, 2014

Wolf Moon 2014

Such a beautiful moon!  Dale and I paused at a little park on our way home from the Oregon Coast.  The sun had set, but pinks and blue-greys still filled the sky.  A big, beautiful moon peered at me from behind a veil of alder.  I knew the moon was a little high in the sky for it to be the night of the full moon, but it looked full.  Technically it was the night before the full moon. 
I scribbled a quick sketch with color notes in my sketch book and promised myself I would paint it.  I suppose I painted the moon a little large … but that is how it talked to me.  When I was nearly finished with my painting I looked up January’s moon to find out what title it has – several, but I like “Wolf Moon” the best.  I was a little chagrined to find it is technically a ‘mini moon,’ i.e. the smallest moon of the year, 16 % smaller than the largest moon of the year.  Ah well. 


  1. Yes, the moon is a little large :) but the painting is looking beautiful! :)

  2. I love your moon painting, I too saw it last night but it was already dark and the rainclouds quickly covered it!

  3. Oh, lovely, Elva! Thank you so much for taking time to DO this, and for sharing it with us. And yes, I love the Wolf Moon's name. Really, 16% smaller?

    1. Hi Kate … I went back to the web site that said the moon is 16 % smaller. It also mentioned 30% not so bright! Another web site says only 14 % smaller. The moon doesn't go in a perfect circle around the earth, so once a year we have the smallest, once a year the largest, and everything in-between during the rest of the year.

  4. Love the painting Elva. ou brought the moon to us.

  5. Well when outside looking up the moon always looks huge. :) This is a wonderful painting Elva. Really love it. Loved seeing the quick sketch you did also.

  6. Love this painting, Elva. I like the size of the moon as well. We usually get the huge moons in the fall here, called harvest moons. They seem as big as the one in your painting as they rise above the horizon!


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