Monday, January 6, 2014

Cholla Cactus Skeleton

This is a skeleton or the inside structure of a cholla cactus.  I found it a long time ago and decided I needed to finally sketch it in the Etegami style.
When I googled it I found out that people craft this wood into the body of a pen.  Looks neat.  Some also use it to place other decoration like feathers (as a friend told me.)


  1. You certainly caught the character of cholla. Many, many years ago (40?) we brought some dead cholla home and Dale made a floor lamp, using the cholla as the post. It looks wonderful.

  2. Those cholla bones sure have lots of uses. They keep on giving. Your lamp sounds beautiful.

  3. What an interesting post, I've never seen one of these. Also your mention of etegami sent me off in search of enlightenment. Another new style of art to try! Thanks Teri.

  4. Thanks everyone. The desert holds so many interesting things.
    Valerie, I just did a post talking about Etegami. It is so interesting to me.


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