Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shell Island Sketches

Shell Island is a small island just off Oregon's Coast.  We often go to an overlook on the mainland and spend hours watching the marine life at Shell Island.  Often it is too windy for decent sketching, but this afternoon the wind was mild and we were waiting, hoping the eagle would hunt.
Somewhere out in the Pacific there must have been stormy weather.  Big waves were rolling in, one after the other, and crashing on exposed rocks.  A cluster of half a dozen sea lions were trying to rest on  one of the low rocks …. and getting throughly drenched whenever a large wave rolled in.


  1. I Love reading and see all the artwork. Great job. One day I will try my hand with WC.

  2. I love your art and stories in nature. Today, a friend asked me if birds other than owls make pellets and I pulled up your pictures of the kingfisher. Just an example of the wonderful work you do. Thanks

  3. So beautiful, Elva...I don't know how I missed this!

  4. lovely sketches Elva...those waves really crash!


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