Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Red Spotty Mushroom

I've been searching for ones of these Amanita Muscaria mushrooms for some weeks now and my patience has been rewarded. It was in the same place I had seen them in previous years but this time I got there before they were kicked over.  I took one specimen home carefully wrapped in a tissue and made sure to wash my hands after touching it.  We had seen a story in the local newspaper about a couple who died after eating another variety of Amanitas so we're very aware of the dangers.


  1. Oh WOW! this is my absolute favorite so far, Valerie!!

  2. Beautiful Valerie. You took much more care than I did on the ones I'm about to post.

  3. Exquisite depiction! Years ago, my then husband to be must have inhaled some of these spores when he got down on the ground to observe one of these closely. He was nauseated that night.


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