Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crater Lake Sketching

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA
In mid September Dale and I spent two days at Crater Lake National Park.  Signs of fall were obvious: a bit of fall color here, drying plants there, and this marmot busily gathering hay for a snug winter hibernation.  He'll have a long sleep.
Shortly after we enter the park is an area where many of the lodgepoles have huge burls.  I've read that frost causes the deformations, but I can't help wonder if insects are involved.  The trees continues to live a long life.  These are finally turning into snags that belong in a fairy book.

Another group of burls.
Our main reason for spending two days at Crater Lake was to photograph a pika --- which we did.  I sat on a rock in good pika habitat and waited. It took quite awhile, but eventually my patience was rewarded.  My pika photos are on my blog:


  1. These are beautiful, Elva! and yes, it IS usually insects that cause burls, how odd! I wish I could remember where I saw a GIGANTIC one could make a wash tub out of it!

  2. More lovely paintings Elva. Good thing you went when you did before the government shut down. I heard it affected Crater Lake.

  3. What a beauty the Marmot is! Never seen those 'burls' here in South Africa, how interesting! Beautiful sketches!

  4. Hi Elva--These are such great sketches! I agree with Maree--the marmot is delightful! I really like the hillside, too. Your rocks are so believable even with just a few well-placed strokes of your pen.


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