Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dawn on the lagoon of Orbetello- Concetta Flore

The sun rises late in September, so it was fine to slip out of bed and walk the short path to the look-out of the Orbetello sanctuary managed by WWF Italy.
I was there with seven students for a watercolor workshop.
The sky was full of new light and  a kingfisher appeared on the branch cunningly submerged just outside the look-out . Grebes glided by the fishing nets, and the water was absolutely flat.
The ripples appeared later, with the first sea breeze.

Sorry for the uneven paper and consequently bad scan...


  1. Your paintings mirror your words beautifully.

    1. thank you Elva, the scans are very poor but the atmosphere was magical.

  2. I can feel the promise and peace of the morning in your words and your sketches.

  3. Concetta, what a gloriously peaceful morning...lovely! You've really captured that feeling...


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