Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rudbeckia pen and wash - Lin Frye

Sitting and sketching my garden flowers has been a particular joy this summer. The weather has been cooler than in past years, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors at the height of typically smoldering afternoons.

The golden rudbeckia scattered throughout the front of my property mirror the sunlight and are such a joyful addition to the other plants there.

It's funny to see goldenrod in the fields at the same time the rudbeckia are still blooming... I suppose the appearance of both indicates the 'bridge' of the seasons ... summer moving to fall. Different yellows, different growth patterns ... both beautiful in their own way, and each indicating the movement of time.

So grateful to be able to enjoy them both.

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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  1. Lin, I love your flowers, good to see you here!


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