Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun with Hummingbirds!

My favorite morning activity this time of year is to take my cup of coffee out on the patio and watch the hummingbird activity.  I added new flowers to my hummingbird garden in the spring and the rewards are plentiful!  More hummingbirds nectaring flowers to photograph and paint!
Above you see one of my most recent hummingbird sketches--a hummer nectaring monarda.  In Knoxville, TN, USA, my bird club hosted its hummingbird festival last Saturday  For the event, I combined this image with "hummer with black and blue salvia", and my "male hummingbird study" into a boxed set of note cards. It is a treat to see my images displayed on art items and talk about art with people who walk up to admire them! At the same time, I get to promote a bird I love--hummingbirds!
Above, a juvenile ruby-throated hummingbird visits black and blue salvia.

For more hummingbird images, visit:  Vickie's Sketchbook.  And for a glimpse of the fun we had at the festival visit:  The Wonder of Hummingbirds Festival.  I enjoyed seeing my hummingbird art as the logo art for this festival!


  1. Very pretty. Hummingbirds are always a treat.

  2. Beautiful bird and lovely painting. I wish we had hummingbirds here; they seem to be an inspiration to so many of us.

  3. Vickie, this is lovely! I'm so much enjoying our's not even fully light yet and there's one busy at my feeder right now. And I should plant some monarda!


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