Friday, August 16, 2013

Daylillies for Nancy - Lin Frye

Daylillies for Nancy by linfrye ..
Daylillies for Nancy, a photo by linfrye .. on Flickr.


It's been such an incredibly busy time for me -- I can't believe that my grandchildren begin school again next and the following week. This summer has been so unusuallycool and rainy - and it has absolutely flown by!

My figs have begun ripening as have those of my neighbors. Today a few dear friends of mine got together for a 'figging' party where together we made fig preserves, dried figs for the winter, make a peach and fig tart for dessert and shared a simple dinner - all while watching a movie in between courses and dishes. Such laughter and joking and sharing -- can you imagine a chatty group of women in the kitchen all at the same time!! Yep -- fun too!

These daylillies were a commission from one of these dear friends ...painted from one of the many photographs I took of her marvelous garden. We'll mat and frame it this weekend ...

My own garden is bearing the signs of summer's ending. Most of the Queen Anne's Lace, purple cone flowers, gaillardia and other flowers are in seed -- all wonderfully pollinated by the abundant butterflies we had this season. I'll soon be collecting seeds to distribute for next year's crop.

Along the roadsides the goldenrod has begun taking over more and more fields, while the woodlands are showing signs of yellowing tulip trees and sycamore. The colors haven't changed completely, but here and there on different branches, the shift in color has started. Even the sumac is beginning to show signs of red. SO VERY EARLY for us!! We've a long way to go before we have true 'color' -- but it's starting ....

So glad to have spent as much time as I have painting flowers this summer. Their delightful display is almost over. Soon, it'll be time to hunt for fall berries!

Have a great weekend!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Dear Lin - this commission of daylilies is beautiful. It sounds like such fun with the fig party - where has the summer gone...way too fast. Take care and have a beautiful week-end.

  2. Such a beautiful painting Lin and a lucky friend!

  3. Beautiful colors and composition. Thanks for sharing this amazing portrait and the story of your summer friendships and gardens.


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