Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dale and I ate lunch 100 yards from a little pond called 'Horse Lake.'  Through the trees we could see a sliver of pond and the family of bufflehead ducks that were foraging amongst the lily pads and damselflies.  As soon as we finished eating we snuck closer to the pond, hoping to photograph the scene; but by then a breeze had come up and the damselflies had disappeared.  While Dale shot photographs without the damselflies, I sat down a sketched --  with damselflies.  Being an artist has its advantages!


  1. Aaah, I just LOVE damselflies Elva! Gorgeous sketch!

  2. Wonderful sketches Elva. I love the name Bufflehead. Sounds like me after too much wine!

    1. I always think of those ladies in the 50s with their fluffed up hair-dos.

  3. Elva, you nailed these sweet little ones!


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