Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seen! Kestrel on the tower of the castle ....

A few days ago around the  Montalbano Mountain (for ornithological surveys) I began to scrutinize steeples, towers and roofs of old farmhouses, and ruins in search of blue rock thrush but I haven't found it; attracted by the white droppings on the walls of a castle's tower, I found a nest of kestrels; it was up there almost hidden by the color of the mimetic plumage, stood out in contrast to the stones, without binoculars I wouldn't have been able to see it .... painted later by some photos I tried to visualize the scene in different angle of view.


  1. What a beauty! Thank you for sharing, Sandro, didn't know you had kestrels in your part of the world too.

  2. Oh thank you Kate! yes we have the Eu Kestrel very similar to the american...ciao

  3. What a great spot for a kestrel to nest.


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