Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Otus scops by Maria elena Ferrari

Since they (Otus scops) arrived ... our nights are not the same anymore!
Chiùù everyone!!!


  1. Wonderful expression, Maria! Love this...

  2. I love this! (Wish they would arrive at my house)

  3. Thank you Kate!!!! Me too love this night creature Tom!! I have one Otus scops in my garden I hope they will arrive also in your house...put the artificial nest!!!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful capture, Maria!

  5. Hi! I'm on this site for the first time. Your watercolor is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    I paint also and would like to know how to join this blog. So far, I'm not seeing any obvious way to join but I only have an iPhone. If a computer is needed I can use my daughters.

    Devin ( in Texas)

  6. Great owl .... it looks as though he can't quite decide whether he should wake up or go back to sleep.


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