Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter bird sketching

Couldn't resist this fluffed-up spiky starling!

Loving the little juncos

He was TOO comical!  Look at that grumpy face...

Still loving the wrens...


  1. These are wonderful! I'm partial to wrens :-)

  2. beautiful as usual but the first

  3. Gorgeous sketches Kate! I had to Google 'Junco' as we do not have them here in South Africa, they are beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much, all! Concetta, the starlings look so comical fluffed out like that--spiky ball for sure! Some are sleek as seals but others sit like this long enough for a quick sketch!

    Maree, we only have them in winter, when they come down to our area, from the North--guess that's why they also call them snowbirds!

  5. Love all your bird sketches. No wrens here in Iowa yet--they are so dear! I love their song in the summer when they nest in the wren house we've had forever overhanging the back patio. They sing their hearst out!

    1. These are Carolina wrens, Marcia--they winter over, here. SO sweet...

  6. Well done sketches. The junkos have been arriving in large numbers here over the last couple of weeks. A harbinger of spring!

  7. Such a beautiful post, Kate. Wonderful, wonderful birds.

  8. The winter Bird Sketch is beautiful.. Nice work :)


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