Friday, March 8, 2013


Do you know the name of this plant, please?

Angela Maria Russo - Angela Maria Russo -  Pianta tropicale a Cartagena de indias - acquerello su moleskine

Qualcuno sa dirmi il nome di questa pianta? E' un albero, l'ho dipinta in Colombia e si trovava di fronte al mare.

who knows the name of this plant? It is a tree. I painted it in Colombia and it was near the sea.


  1. Hi Angela, if you have a Flickr account I suggest you to add you sketch to the following groups, have been very useful to me to find ID of plants, at least the scientific name, the people there are very nice and helpful


  2. Welcome to Colombia! If you are going to Bogota city, you have to go to botanic garden!

    1. I'm again in Italy, I saw this plant in Cartagena and I don't know its name

  3. It's a beautiful plant, did a wonderful job, wish I knew what it was, too!

  4. I visited Cartagena several times but do not remember that plant, I'll try to find the specie.


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