Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still life in Rome Natural History Museum-Concetta

Out sketching with the sketchcrawl group, foreseeing the wet weather, we were safely snug inside the Museum. I always fall for the small rather than the large, so I ignored elks and elephant skeletons and went along with these two creatures.
No latin names alas, since they were out only to accompany a very interesting exhibition by Hitnes (street artist and, I assure you , a visionary miniaturist too...).
Oh I'm SO slow with the little ones...get something wrong and there's no way back!

later on the same day I delivered a short demo of life sketching of a very dead branchlet of ilex oak. 40 minutes in poor light, well it could have been worse!

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  1. Your leaves look as if the branch is still swinging in the breeze .... and you crab could go for a walk. Beautiful!


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