Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk -- he hunts half way up a thick row of cottonwoods, examining the ground beneath, then flies to another perch for a long careful look  .... often wags its tail, possibly to catch the attention of potential prey?  Dark eye.  Small bill.  Rich, reddish.  Very alert.  Fluffed head. 

Suddenly he starts calling, "Keyaiir, Keyaiiir, ... Keyaiiiir."  What does it mean?

When we first moved to Roseburg it was unusual to see a red-shouldered hawk this far north, but they've become common in the past twenty years.  This one and another have a territory only about five miles from my home.  This one is the handsomest red-shouldered hawk I've seen.  


  1. Fascinating. I really enjoy your studies and comments and combination of views of the bird, as well as the added colour.

  2. Beautiful work Elva. Fun to know he is so close.

  3. Your words are as interesting as your wonderful sketches.


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