Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recent Sketches

The top sketch is of a new bald eagle nest in our area.  Actually this is the third year for this nest, but that in 'new' in the life of an eagle.  If all goes well a nest may be occupied each spring for years.

The black and white bird is a black phoebe -- a sweet little flycatcher that I watched hawking for little insects in a cattail marsh.  He sits, watches, then swoops out to catch an insect in midair.
A great blue heron slowly eases his way forward while fishing in a small pond.  While I sketched him an otter also came to the pond.  Often I find the real treasures happen when I'm sitting quietly and sketching.  
The heron is having none of this!  He quickly climbs up on shore and keeps an eye on the otter's meanderings.


  1. Elva, I always look forward to your sketches!

  2. Elva, these are fabulous! I particularly like the otter. What a wonderful neighborhood you live in.

  3. It is absolutely true: if you sit out in nature the animals will go silent and hidden, but only for a few minutes. I think they forget we are there. It has happened to me time and again: I sit still, and in less than ten minutes, the bird and animal activity is back to normal. I once had baby armadillos walk right across my shoes! Of course, they can't see worth a dang, but it was a thrill I'll never forget, and of course I did not have my sketchbook but I did have my camera.

  4. Great nature sketches--you really captured the behavior of the great blue heron.

  5. Great captures, Elva! So true about hanging out in one place and watching nature happen around you. Such a thrill!


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