Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crystal Cove in January- Desiree Habicht

Hi everyone, Desiree here! We had the opportunity to stay with some friends on the ocean in a handicapped cottage. It allowed us to go since Jennifer is in a wheelchair and would otherwise be unable to stay at the beach. These cottages have been restored by the State of California and are available to the public. Two of the cottages are handicapped accessible so we were thrilled as they even came equipped with a beach wheelchair! We even brought Chloe, Jenn's little Boston Terrier Service Dog, the only dogs allowed on this beach! The weather was so cold but the day was filled with sunshine and it warmed up so we could enjoy some beach outings. I was able to write a bit while we were there but did this sketch from a photo I captured and journaled after I got home. Thanks Chris and Linda for a fun few days at the beach!


  1. Desiree, what a wonderful beach visit--I can just hear the seabirds. (And the cottage looks perfect!)

  2. What a wonderful opportunity, both for you and especially for Jennifer. Your gull paintings make it look really magical.


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