Wednesday, January 23, 2013

International Sketch Crawl

Last Saturday 4 of us joined hundreds worldwide for the 38th Int'l. Sketch Crawl. We decided to go to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens near Richmond, VA since they had both inside and outside sketching opportunities. Here are two of my pages:

The sketch above was done while having lunch in the cafe. Lots of colorful paper lanterns hung on the bare trees in the courtyard. It was very cheerful on a cold, but sunny day.
This scene was across the small lake. I was using a Lami Safari fountain pen with Noodler's sepia ink and added only a small bit of color. I usually overdo the color and mess everything up so I was rather proud of my restraint.


  1. I like how you added some color, but not a lot. Well done.

  2. Gorgeous, Paula! The lines and limited color work together perfectly.

  3. Thanks Elva and Kate. It's always hard to know when to stop.


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