Saturday, December 15, 2012

Once Hidden

Winter comes slowly to western Oregon.  A few leaves start to turn yellow in September, others wait until October and November.  Even now, in December, sycamore leaves are a medley of of rich crimsons, reds and burnt gold.  Other trees are bare, including this maple above me.  

How many times have I walked under this nest and not seen it?  It’s two blocks from home and on my regular jaunt around the neighborhood.  This nest remained hidden until the winds stripped the maple leaves and tossed them into the rain.


  1. This is really beautiful Elva! Their nests can certainly be very well hidden!

  2. wonderful!

    I love your art!

    sotty that I don´t comment every post, but I look at every new post - via my dashboard!

    Very merry christmas to you! Thank you for sharing this beautiful paintings with us!

    xxx from Austria

  3. Oh, I love this time of year when you can see secrets like this! Well done, Elva...

  4. Elva, I love this one! With a simple "suggestion" of the twigs in the next you've made it very obvious. Love the background, too.


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