Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lovely Fairy-Wren Female

I love Fairy-Wren birds, which are very common species in South Australia. Male birds are very bright colored with all kinds of blue, and female birds come in more gentle and elegant shades of grey and blue. They are truly restless birds, pleasure to watch, but very hard to sketch. I tried many times and always came out with series of spoiled paper instead. Recently I bought a bird bath for my backyard and Fairy-Wrens are regular visitors. At least I can take a picture of them now and use it and the life models as support draw them properly.


  1. Wonderful drawing! Fairy wrens are one of my top three favourite birds. I love to watch them flit about and, you're right, impossible to sketch from life. I had to use one of the photos my son took for my reference when I sketched them.

  2. Thank you, Serena)) Now, when I have the birdbath I hope to watch them often enough to draw from memory/observation. But until then I also have to take photos of them from my secret hiding place behind the curtains))

  3. I'd love to see this wren! What a charmer...

    1. They are very widespread here, Cathy! If you ever come to visit Australia, you will find them everywhere))

  4. What a beautiful little bird. All our wrens are beautiful browns. This one is awesome!

  5. Delightful sketch Anna! I've never heard of fairy wrens. You're so lucky to have them there.


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