Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Tree

Autumn colors still strutting their stuff here in the lowcountry of South Carolina.  Lots of trees have lost their leaves but the Crepe Myrtles are now fire orange.... yum!

This little Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis L., struck me as happy with it's branches reaching toward the sky. It's smattering of leaves like icing on the cake :)


  1. This is a beauty! You really captured the reaching shapes...

  2. Thank you, Kate!! I edited quite a few branches.... way to much for my eyes :)

  3. PJ, this is great! it really captures that in-between season -- those last few leaves hanging on and the bare branches coming into their own. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Paula! This is a heady time of year that I so love. The aroma of fallen leaves, the crisp air and eye candy everywhere :) Yum!


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