Tuesday, October 16, 2012

White oak leaf variety

It has been a busy month for my family we just moved from Northeastern Ohio back to Central Illinois; from the beech-maple forest back to the oak-hickory forest and prairie.  I have been pretty busy and just got back to doing some drawing. 

The fall color is just about peak here and one of my favorite trees, white oak (Quercus alba), is displaying a wide variety of colors right now.  Yesterday on a walk with my son I grabbed a variety of white oak leaves representing a wide range of shapes and colors.  I cant be sure these all came from the same tree, but they did all come from three or four individuals in a small area.

Sorry for the splice - I had to scan it in two pieces.  Colored pencil - Polychromos


  1. Beautifully captured. I can smell Autumn!

  2. Wonderful colour variations in my favourite medium!

  3. Nate, these are lovely studies. I always marvel at the shapes and colors of autumn leaves.

  4. Exquisite observation and representation.


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