Thursday, October 4, 2012

Klamath Basin Sketches

Black-necked stilt, ring-billed gull, sandhill crane, white pelican, dowitchers, and a duck.
Dale and I recently returned for a camping trip in the Klamath Basin (northern California, USA).  We found a wonderful little hot spot of bird activity ... a little island, close to the road.  Over the next three days I spotted 26 species of birds from just that spot.  While Dale photographed I got to paint to my heart's content.  Here I was trying to capture the size differences between the birds.  The pelican probably should be even bigger.

I find white-faced ibis rather elegant in an odd way.  

A handful of black-necked stilts were feeding and sleeping in the shallow water around the little island.  

Dowitchers rest in the shallows too.


  1. Oh Elva, your work always delights me. What a wonderful spot you found. Well done!

  2. I don't know how I missed this, Elva...I love your field sketches, they're so beautifully observed!


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