Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Chickadee by Teri DC
Chickadee, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
I have hardly seen a chickadee all summer until I put the feeder in the front window. Now they are mobbing it. So fun to watch.


  1. we call them tits over here but much prefer the word chickadee! Gorgeous sketch

  2. I, too, love it when the chickadees come back in the fall. If I'm really lucky they come back as soon as their babies are flying. ... this year I had to wait for fall.

  3. Thanks Sharon, I agree chickadee sounds better.
    Elva, so where do those chickadees go in the summer? Must be hiding out in the woods.

    1. They do head to wilder areas, although a couple of years I've been so lucky and had them nest right in my yard. I'm sure bird feeders bring them closer to people in the winter time.

  4. Gorgeous sketch of such a lovely little bird Teri! Glad they came back for you!

  5. Hey Teri, this little guy is adorable. Did you use ink and colored pencils?

  6. Thanks everyone.
    Exactly right Paula. It just worked better on this paper.


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