Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Autumn Treasures - Teri Casper

More Autumn Treasures by Teri DC
More Autumn Treasures, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
I found all these things while walking the Golden Girls: leaves, hickory nut shells and dried hydrangea blooms, then sketched and painted each one and the page just grew. I tried to artistically add the words. This is really a fun way to create a journal page. I plan to do more.
It was done in the Stillman&Birns Beta sketchbook which I have fallen in love with.


  1. Love this page Teri. I especially like the way you overlapped the pieces. that really gave it a 3rd dimension.

  2. Oh, I love things like this, Teri...nice, natural shapes and lovely colors.

  3. Thank you. It was so fun to see this page develop as I took a few minutes here and there.

  4. I love your work. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful Autumn colours Teri! We're currently in the "green" mode here in South Africa, summer over-took spring, which lasted for only a few short weeks, in one fell swoop!


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