Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Trio by Linda C. Miller

Here is a work of three fallen leaves.  The top leaf is from a Tulip Tree and the other two are from the Sweet Gum Tree.   Both trees are native to Virginia.  If you have them in your yard, both have very interesting seed pods.  But watch out for the round Sweet Gum pods as they can easily trip you up as you mow the lawn.

Graphite on Bristol Vellum Smooth Paper
Size 8 x 10 inches

Linda C. Miller
Naturalist ~ Artist~ Instructor
Williamsburg, Virginia


  1. Fall is fast coming, isn't it! Beautiful drawings.

  2. Beautiful! Very timely for fall :)

  3. Lovely sketch as usual Linda. Want to give a workshop in Fredericksburg? We'd love to have you.


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