Saturday, August 25, 2012


Aug 19, 2012  Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA

After looking carefully, we found only one dragonfly at 'WC3073' -- that is a forest service code for identifying a pump chance, a place where firefighter can fill their trucks with water.  WC3073 is a small pool fed by an even smaller stream.  Where there is water we usually find dragonflies.

I know right away this a female meadowhawk, but which kind?  She looks somewhat like the common 'striped meadow hawk', but not quite.  Fortunately she is very cooperative.  When she zooms out from her perch she returns to the same dried out head of spirea.  She is obviously hunting.

Up goes her abdomen in typical 'obelisking' position.  When dragonflies are warm they point their abdomen towards the sun so less sunlight hits their body.  I'm a little surprised to see her doing that.  It doesn't seem that hot.

I can't help but hope she is one of the few dragonflies I've yet to see in Douglas County ... red pterostigma with yellow outers / tiny blush of amber at the base of her wings / two tones eyes / black zig-zag pattern along her abdomen.  I sketch.  Dale photographs.  She succeeds in catching a small insect and chews it up quickly.  We'll be able to figure her out when we get home.

... She is a cherry-faced meadowhawk.  I've seen them before, but since they are only found in the high country here, I'm not very familiar with them.


  1. What utterly interesting information with this charming sketch Elva, I enjoyed this!

  2. Elva, thank you so much, this is fascinating. I love dragonflies but didn't know nearly this much about them.

  3. Oh this is great. I have seen very few dragonflies this year. I miss seeing them too. I always enjoy your posts as I learn so much since we are living in the same area as you. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Elva for sharing your wonderful sketch and the great info. It's amazing how many different varieties of dragonfly there are.


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