Monday, August 27, 2012

Magnolia flower

A few years ago we planted a small magnolia tree in the garden.  It's quite slow growing but delights us every spring with these beautiful flowers.

I decided this year to follow the growth of one of them as they are stlll at an easy height to draw.

The whole process lasted 3 weeks with daily visits to check on the progress, luckily I was in time to pick up the fallen petals before they blew away.  I had hoped also to draw the fruit when it developed but there is no sign of any on the tree now.  Maybe the birds got there first!


  1. Valerie, what a WONDERFUL progression. Thank you so much for recording it!

  2. Lovely Valerie! You were so patient.

  3. I can see the love in this piece, Valerie! Wonderful!


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