Thursday, August 9, 2012

Early Early Autumn Treasures

Early Early Autumn Treasures by Teri DC
Early Early Autumn Treasures, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
I found these early autumn treasures while walking and decided they would make a nice subject. The leaf and acorns are from an oak tree; some acorns are capped and some caps are empty. Many of our oak trees are suffering from oak blight so it was good to find these.


  1. You are really on a roll! Lovely.

  2. Thank you so much.
    Yes, I am on a roll. Doing my 75 day sketch challenge in ink has been very rewarding and is improving my art and creativity.

  3. Teri, this has been SO GOOD for you, and by extension, us and the blog. Thank you!

  4. It has amazed me how many nature things have found their way into my sketches. I'm not sure I would have 'just' sketched them without all your encouragement and positive comments. Of course I love anything nature anyway! I plan to keep this habit going. Thank you all.

  5. Loving the sketches. Thanks for sharing!

    KEEN Recess Team


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