Friday, August 17, 2012

August Wildflowers

Not really painting in nature when I'm in the comfort of air conditioning but, definitely painting from nature :)

The wildflower garden at work takes my breath every time I pass by. I'm torn to stop and paint but... you know how it goes... getting paid to do other things than paint :)

I couldn't stand it anymore and picked a couple of sprigs of Brown-eyed Susan and Ironweed. I brought them back to my office and  for the last two days, my lunch break has been filled with watercolor sketching.  So refreshing!  Now I'm ready to tackle the brochure design project for our upcoming season of events :)


  1. I love this PJ and I had a good laugh--I could have written this entry. Right down to having to get back to designing the brochure for the upcoming season of events. Too funny!

  2. Now THAT is the way to make use of your lunch break! Lovely...(should I change the name of the blog?)

  3. Thanks, Kate! Sometimes I wish my body didn't require food. Think I'll bring a blender to work and make smoothies so I can sip while I sketch :) No name change for the blog... sketching IN nature is so much a preferred approach :)

    1. I know! I sometimes hold a fork in one hand and a pen in the other. And yes, I'd rather be out there too, but I have NO problem dragging goodies in to sketch from. Oddly, as dry as it's been, we have clouds of mosquitoes, and even a few in the house. I am distracted by the little monsters!


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