Monday, July 16, 2012

Casualty of War- Desiree

Today as I was sitting outside enjoying the beautiful morning and sketching my husband found a dead baby bird. It was laying on the concrete sidewalk, not close to any tree or nesting area. Another victim of the attacks that the crows have waged on the smaller birds in our area.  We have recently been overrun by a huge flock of crows and I often see them flying over head carrying off baby birds. I sadly documented the latest victim of our neighborhood war
Sketching Nature is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes hard but always amazing!


  1. He IS a tiny one! I love crows, but I guess I won't complain that they mostly fly far overhead, here...I'm really enjoying our fledglings.

    Beautifully done, Desiree, and thank you.

  2. Poignant and beautiful. What a fitting tribute to the delicacy of life. I love the muted sketchy quality of it -- baby birds are an apt metaphor of all casualties of war.

  3. So poignant, Desiree. Thank you for memorializing his short life.

  4. At least his life came to a good end as you have created a beautiful sketch.

  5. Poor baby bird(( But beautiful sketch!

  6. Thanks everyone, it was a bit sad,nature can be that way


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