Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This was a very quick sketch at a picnic lunch at the river last Saturday. I loved the dappled shade under the big shag-bark hickories (there were many more than the two I've drawn). I didn't think too much about composition, just drew what was in front of me. I think if I did a painting from this sketch I'd maybe rearrange things a bit. I was really enamored by the red bistro set. It's lightness and color was such a contrast to the big trees and all the green.

Speaking of green--I did the following pages in my sketchbook after I bought a new travel watercolor set. With all the nature sketching I'm doing, I thought this might be helpful and it really is. Now I can see exactly what each green I need can be made from.
I did this after I did the sketch above and see now that I could really have used it there!


  1. Great idea, the color sheet. I've been grappling with greens lately, as well...it's that time of year. I think I'll carve out some time to do that soon.


  2. That's gorgeous, Paula! Thank you for sharing...

  3. Paula, although I've followed this blog and Kate I've not commented on many of the posts. So here to tell you how much I like your work, and the blog itself.
    thanks for the sharing of your green chart. BJ

  4. Just love the little red chairs Paula, what a tranquil scene! And your colour chart is amazing, need to try out all the mixes!

  5. Such a lovely peaceful scene. You really captured it!

  6. Thanks everybody! I think I could actually fill an entire sketchbook with greens--there are endless ways to mix them.


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