Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sandy Williams -- end of March flowers

Where did April go?!!!  I'm way behind on my posting and I'm just now sending out my March sketches.  Spring came early as did the blossoms.


  1. I love your flower sketches, Sandy! They're placed beautifully on the pages and are just lovely all on their own!

  2. Sandy, These are beautiful as usual. I must say I've missed you. I am thinking that maybe we should try to get together some time this summer to sketch or paint plein air.

    I am going up to Marquette to visit my sister, Anne. So sorry you are not on the way any more,


    1. Vicki, We're having a Sketch Crawl here in Niles on June 23rd and I'd absolutely love to have you come by. We'll be able to go into our little local museum, sketch the buildings on our Main Street, River Park, they'll be a car show, Ferry Street School (one of the oldest schools in Michigan), the train station (it was featured in the movie "Continental Divide with Jim Belushi), refreshments will be available. We'd have to lug around our own chairs, though. I'm lobbying for the stores to make some available but it's not looking good. Wouldn't it be fun if Nancy Tasker could come, too? I'd love to finally meet her.

  3. These are just glorious, as always, Sandy...a delight to see what grows in your area.


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