Sunday, March 18, 2012

Painting in 3D...small thinks

Painting in 3D...small thinks:  Funghi....impastati per gioco con un materiale estremamente leggero e malleabile, colorati in acrilico...gradi possibilità espressive
 :-)...Mushrooms ....I've played to knead with an extremely lightweight and ductile material, colored in acrylic ... great expressive possibilities :-)

A different kind of sketching, I've made it very quickly without thinking, but I had to wait before painting also without to much precision, but enough inaccurancy for a natural effect...a very nice play!


  1. Alessandro, That does look like a LOT of fun!!!

  2. It's modelling glay, air-drying...from

  3. These are delightful! Makes me want to try some. Thanks!

  4. hmmm...keep them away from the kitchen! ;)


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