Wednesday, February 29, 2012

insects and beetles

For Christmas I was given a box of feathers, leaves, a nest, seed pods and a few beetles. In the last few days I have finally put aside time to draw some of them (in watercolour pencil in my Moleskine watercolour sketchbook) .

Unfortunately I am unable to provide very much technical information about them.I can tell you they were collected in Toowoomba, Queensland,Australia, probably along suburban footpaths, waterbird habitat or my mothers backyard !

This top page is what I always called a Stag Beetle. I have found out they are part of Rhinocerous Beetle family which covers many similar looking beetles with varying degrees of spiky and spiny features.

This second page has a few mysterious small black and brown insects. I know the highly un-technical name of the "click beetle" (middle left) which (when we were children) we used to put our finger on their back they would click and jump . The green cicada is also a familiar insect . Maybe the one above it is a Christmas beetle ???

I really enjoyed drawing ( or is it painting?) these. I also wanted to write all over it with notes. I have kept most of the beetles and bugs to draw again another day....


  1. I am excited by these studies--they are detailed but not tight renderings, which amazes me because that has to be difficult to achieve. The cicadas are like jewels. Thanks for posting

  2. wonderful pages!! and what a christmas present.

  3. Hello Alissa
    Congratulations on the advantage you´ve got from these insects.


  4. These are incredible Alissa! I, too, love that this box of goodies was a Christmas present. Someone knows you well I think. I expect all of us on this blog would love that kind of present. I once got a box of rocks from the California coast as a birthday present--free rocks, but the postage to Virginia was astronomical!

  5. So amazingly lifelike! I can't believe you did these with watercolor pencil...and what a wonderful present!

  6. Thanks for your comments. It is always lovely to see what other people think.
    It WAS an amazing Christmas gift. I did hint rather heavily that this was the sort of present I would like. This way, no one had to spend any money (unlike posting rocks across the States Paula) and my mother, brother, niece and nephew had a great time looking for things to put in the box).

    CrankyBird Studio and Kate - I think that my drawings (or are they paintings?) give the impression of detail, without drawing any actual detail. I used my watercolour pencils on the paper and then a brush. I then took colour off the tip of the brush , and finally added w/c pencil on the paper for 'detail".

  7. Very natural fresh drawing and...alive


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