Saturday, February 11, 2012

Foggy Morning at Plat I

A plein aire painting done at a little reservoir near here. I sketched the cormorants first, and then when the fog started to lift I had the opportunity to paint while my husband photographed.
Here are my notes: "Damp. Chilly. Greyness fills the valley. Snags on the far side of the pond are so pale, I can’t see if any eagles are perched there today. The water lies still, repeating every bird on its surface. Sounds carry through the fog, bringing me more birds than those I can see. Above me rides the sun, a faint glow in the grayness. I can see the dark forms of cormorants resting on a spit, great blue herons fishing, and some ducks."

For me this is sketching in nature at its very best ... capturing the mood of the moment; saving the memory for the future.

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  1. Oh, Elva, you really did capture that wonderful foggy feeling. Love your bird shapes...

  2. I love this post, there is so much atmosphere, I can hear the birdsong floating through the fog- great!

  3. Elva, not only is the painting fabulous--so evocative--your writing is lovely, too. Well done! The bird sketches are delightful.


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