Monday, February 27, 2012

Cedrus deodara - Himalayan cedar

Cedrus deodara is a species of cedar native to the western Himalays in eastern Afghanistan. It is a large evergreen coniferous tree reaching 40-50 m tall. the leaves are medle-like, mostly 2,5 - 5 cm long.
The female cones are barrel-shaped, 7-13 cm long and 5-9 cm broad, and disintegrate when mature to relase the winged seeds.
It was imported in Europe as ornamental plant since 1800.

I found pine cone and branch in Subiaco, near Roma. The branches were on the ground because of snow in recent days.

Angela Maria Russo watercolour on Magnani sketchbook


  1. I love the information you give along with your sketches.....always like to learn something new. Lovely

  2. This is stunning, Angela...and that's what this blog is for, as much as anything, letting us learn more about nature and our world.

  3. Lovely sketches Angela. Thanks!

  4. Very nice Angela, I like the light on the cone, not so obvious.


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