Friday, January 13, 2012

Some January Sketches

1-5-12, lake

1-12-12, lake

1-13-12, lake

Here are some recent sketch experiments of the lake. The weather this winter has been very mild so far. From time to time the lake has started to form a skin of ice. It hasn't frozen solid though as we've had many days in the forties and even fifties. It snowed about two inches yesterday; a wet, slushy snow. This morning everything was blue and it was super foggy.

Tina Mammoser has done some nice abstract drawings of the (New) Jersey Shore. You should check them out.


  1. These are very nice sketches. I particularly like your line drawing. Well done!

  2. Wonderful, Carolyn...they look so COLD. I think my favorite is the bottom one, wintry mist...

  3. these are so poetic...I prefer the bottom one too.restrain and atmosphere. But they're all!

  4. I like all three, Carolyn! I agree with Kate - they do look cold! I love how you captured the shiny ice on the first drawing! Such a simple solution, yet it speaks volumes.

  5. very beautiful sketches!!! the last is wonderful


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