Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sandy Williams - a change in the weather

Winter weather came late this year, but it's finally here.  Our first big storm in Michigan started slowly but kept up over a two day period so I had plenty of time to stay home and sketch.  Here are two sketches done a day apart, and you can see what a difference a day makes.  The bottom sketch is from January 1st, and the top one is from January 2nd.


  1. Oh, Sandy, hello! I've missed seeing your wonderful journal pages. Thanks for sharing these. They're beautiful. Paula in VA

  2. You're making me shiver! Love these sketchbook pages. Wonderful capture of the feeling of a moment. Is this a moleskin sketchbook?

  3. Yes, this is a moleskine sketchbook -- I love the cream colored paper, although it's a little too thin for much watercolor work.


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