Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Pied Butcherbird

This bird may be considered the singer of the bush, with its huge repertoire of calls and songs of its own but also borrowed from other sources. For some reason they are aware that when a human is gardening there might be insects and worms around, so they come and perch very closely to the working gardener and carefully observe the surroundings until an insect runs away from the digging and pruning. The hunter then quickly flies down and grabs its meal.Their calls and songs are made up of a wide range of mellow, sweet, mysterious and sad whistles and it is one of the most characteristic sound of the bush and suburban gardens.


  1. Wonderful pages Matteo. This birds sounds a lot like our local (USA) Mockingbird. He hangs out waiting for dinner when I'm digging, too, plus he has a lot of songs.

  2. Your paintings are lovely and the story that goes with them is too!


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