Monday, January 16, 2012

Dried Pomegranate Fruits ~ Linda C. Miller

"Holding On"
Pomegranate Fruits
Transparent Watercolor on Hot Press Paper
Size:  22 x 30 inches
Specimen:  Williamsburg, Virginia
Copyright Linda C. Miller, 2011

Fall is my favorite season for its bounty is everywhere.  This pair of Pomegranates were so much fun to paint.  I just love this contemporary composition.  The fruits completed with a series of transparent washes and the branch using my dry brush technique.

I left out a few small branches to reduce overlap and allowing this pair to take center stage.  All the other pomegranates in my studio are singles and dried with their rich yellows, reds and oranges.  This pair turned a leathery brown in color and texture. 

It will be on exhibit this February, just awaiting word from The Virginia Watercolor Society to learn if this piece made the cut!

Happy Painting, Linda
Linda C. Miller
Artist ~ Naturalist~ Instructor


  1. I really do love the composition of this one and those pomegranates look like they might let go at any moment.:)

  2. I love your work, Linda. I've never seen pomegranates growing. Beautiful!

  3. I love the delicacy of this illustration!

  4. Beautiful Linda - good luck with the exhibition!

  5. Thank you Sketchbook Squirrel, Paula, Kate, AnaGF and Vicki. I can not wait to get this framed and on the wall. Smiles Linda


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