Monday, January 16, 2012

Belizean Beach

On a recent trip to Belize, I was fascinated to discover that nearly all Belizean beaches are man-made, created by removing the mangroves that would normally extend out into the water.

On Ambergris Caye, which extends south from Mexico and is easily reached by water-taxi from Belize City to the south, the beaches look like this one, with coral sand beaches that would quickly be reclaimed by vegetation if they weren't discouraged by the groundsmen working at the resorts and residences which line the beach.

Although a golf-cart track parallels the Atlantic back behind the rim of buildings, the beaches serve as paths and bike trails, and sunbathing isn't an good option.


  1. It looks like Paradise. Who knew it took all those people to keep Paradise in line. Beautiful page.

  2. Very interesting, Irene. Nice page.


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