Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flowers, always! - Maree

More than anything, I must have flowers, always, always!
(Claude Monet)

My Hydrangeas are just coming into flower in my garden and this one sported two lovely heads of pink and lilac on one plant - I'm just wondering, was half the soil acidic and the other half alkaline...?

Mixed media - Black pen, W&N watercolours and Acrylic on a back-ground painted with Nescafé Instant, very strong! black coffee. I always have a few sheets of these with pre-prepared coffee back-grounds lying around, ready for a sketch.


  1. Hydrangeas are one of my favourites, especially when they get that strange, indecisive habit of pink or blue? Lets go lilac! Loving the technique with the coffee, reminds me of making aged maps at school, only more sophisticated!

  2. I love the coffee-stained paper too, Maree. If you sketched/painted the flower over the pre-painted background, how did you get those whites? Acrylic?
    My neighbor had one of those confused hydrangeas this year, too. They're really beautiful, aren't they?

  3. Lilac is good Squirrel! You're right, the coffee is great for giving an aged or vintage look to sketches! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate that!

  4. That's what I should have called the post Paula, 'Confused Hydrangeas'! lol! Yes, the whites are acrylic, which I sometimes find useful for highlites, as in this case.

  5. Thanks a lot Joan, nice to hear from you!

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