Sunday, December 25, 2011

Flamingos in the Osmannoro marshes - A reported painting

This is the best time for delivery of the paintings booked, but I am happy they will go to a good friend of mine....
The history of this painting is very simple: flamingos seen last fall in Osmannoro marshes, one of the few times that occur in the plain of Florence, where incredibly, despite the degradation of this area they show up every year .... Let's go back to painting, that day there were many photographer friends attracted by the beauty of these birds, especially those in favorable light, the dark background of vegetation. I also took photos with the camera... and heart. With the camera I picked the color pink and the dark background that accentuates the contrast; with heart I drew the white plumage of many different colors, the ones that I have remained inside and  before they disperse from my mind....


  1. Alessandro, you flamingos are magnificent!!! Bravo!

  2. WOWZA this is really wonderful and incredible, so, so beautiful, belisimo (sp?)

  3. Beautiful, Sandro! I just painted a flamingo for my flamingo-loving husband, I'll have to show him your gorgeous entry...


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