Wednesday, December 21, 2011

best wishes!

A few years ago, spending some time at the Paneveggio Park in the Alps in june,  I drew, on grey paper using a fine tip pen, the imposing root of a larch, part of its lower branches, and the housekeeper: a male chaffinch, whose song I learnt by heart, even I who have a poor memory!
The hours  spent, sitting on the grass, were under the spell of the intricate pattern of branches and bark, and mesmerized by the looping tiri-tiri-tiri-chiùchiùchiù of the bird. Moreover, I kept asking myself if it wasn't a stroke of madness to tackle such a graphic quest.
I sold the drawing and somewhat forgot about it, when a print proof emerged while tidying up, and I thought: here's this year's card!
Greetings are sung by the chaffinch....


  1. How beautiful, Concetta! And what a delightful experience...

  2. Wow, Concetta, that was an ambitious drawing and so well done. Holiday greetings back to you.

  3. It is lovely, Concetta! And I wish you a Merry Christmas , and the best in the New Year!

  4. I really feel like I've been there--I love the wonderful atmosphere and delicate line. Such patience you have :)

  5. thank you all for your greetings-have a happy 2012!

  6. Your card makes me want to sing, just as your chaffinch is doing. Beautiful.


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