Friday, November 18, 2011

Asilomar, California - by Gay Kraeger

Every November Christina Lopp and I teach a watercolor journaling class at Asilomar. It is a lovely place on the Monterey peninsula.

This year we almost had an extra student with a mask enter the classroom. He (or she) was checking out the garbage can and noticed the window next to the garbage was open. He was just reaching for the window to pull himself in and and have some cookies when I tapped on the glass. He ambled away and I closed the window. I saved the cookies for the registered students.

I took a little time to myself after breakfast on Saturday to walk along the beach. The ocean was wild after a storm the day before. I really enjoyed the smells and the sounds of the crashing surf. Hopefully I walked off all the calories I consumed at breakfast. Wishful thinking.


  1. What a story Gay, what a cheeky fella! Lovely pages, especially like the ocean sketch, lovely!

  2. Cool--I like the top journal spread so much. The watercolor work is beautiful--rich color, seemingly effortless. And I am so blown away by the design of the page and the calligraphic quality of the print. Even the date is a pleasure to look at.

  3. I went to school in Monterey a couple years ago and I loved visiting Asilomar! Your sketches capture the place so well they take me right back there, can almost smell the kelp and the ocean. Fun to see.

  4. Gay, I've read about the classes you and Christina teach and always wished I could be there. Now I wish it even more. You pages are wonderful! Let me know if you're ever teaching on the east coast.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Asilomar is a indeed special place. I am lucky to be able to spend time there.


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