Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sundown at the Park - Lin Frye

Sundown at the Park by linfrye
Sundown at the Park, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Walking through Granville Athletic Park the other day, our timing was perfect to capture the last yellow/pink rays of the sun as it settled between the boughs of the pines and illuminated the path we followed. A few 'spot lights' of sun remained, while the woodlands around us faded into the dark of slumber ....

It's almost 7 am, and all around me this morning, is still that slumbering dark. Not even a hint of sunrise as of yet ...instead, the scent of coffee welcomes my early morning activities and greets me -- as I anticipate the light ...

Hope sunshine fills your days and delights your Sunday ...

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Love the light in this. Fantastic!
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  2. Lin. when you paint these incredible landscapes, are they all "plein air"? I can't seem to work fast enough to capture something as fleeting as a sunset with such glorious color.

    How I would LOVE to watch you as you work!

  3. Wowza! You really got my attention with this one. A real show stopper.

  4. Wonderful capture of light and colors.

  5. Yes, this really deserves top marks. Lovely atmosphere and contrast,in the right measure.Well done!

  6. Thank you all so much! Vicky, for things like sunsets, I have to take a photo -- I just can't paint fast enough -- in fact, these days, I seem to be slowing down instead of speeding up! LOL Sometimes I can rely on memory - but this time of year, the sunset hits so fast and it's so DARK!!! I can't risk being in the park that long ...

    I'd love to paint together sometime ...I really would!

  7. Somehow knowing you use photos for these incredible works of art is "freeing" to me. But the LIFE you are able to capture is beyond what most of us can get from a photo. Well done!

  8. Lin, this is so ethereal. The light just invites you to walk right into the painting. Thanks!

  9. Lin, that is such a magnificent impression!


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