Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sipping Sapsucker

Lake in the Woods, Douglas County, Oregon, USA
My husband and I were at Lake in the Woods, a favorite pond. We purposely came up on an overcast day to try and photograph otter in a softer light. The otter had fed and disappeared so I went for a walk. Got back to the car just as a light shower passed through. While sitting in the car waiting I realized a red-breasted sapsucker was feeding on an alder just in front of the car. He had obviously developed the holes over a period of several days. The lower holes were light-colored and dry. The upper holes were damp with sap and stained a burnt orange.

The sapsucker appeared to have accepted my car. He sipped, waited for more sap to fill his 'well' and then would sip some more. Only rarely he tapped at the edge of his hole, removing a little more bark. It was very pleasant sitting so close to the sapsucker while I waited for the weather to clear.

Sketched with a fountain pen and Platinum Carbon Ink. Fortunately I had my watercolors within reach too. When I'm prepared I have a small set of watercolors in my dash compartment, a old anchovie jar full of water strapped to my door handle with a napkin to blot excess water on, and three brushes tucked in my visor over the windshield. Whenever I let someone else sit in my seat, I have to admit they eye that jar of dirty water rather suspiciously.

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  1. I am not sure what I enjoyed most. The drawing you did or the verbal drawing of your painting set up in your car. :)) A true Artists car. lol You do find the most interesting critters out and about.


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