Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saying goodbye to Winter - Maree

The colour of springtime is in the flowers, the colour of winter is in the imagination.
~Terri Guillemets

Most of winter, my palette consisted of the browns, blues and greys, and hopefully this is the last of any winter scene, on paper as well as outside in Nature! We've had a couple of lovely sunshine days here in South Africa, although still with a cool bite to them, but it seems Spring is trying her best to surface. Green grass is already sprouting through the burnt veld and it's not long till I'll see the beautiful green buds on my Celtis trees (Celtis africana or White Stinkwood).


  1. this is really great!

  2. Love your winter woods Maree. And here in the USA, we're just going into that blue/gray/brown season. Isn't it fun to compare notes from halfway around the world?

  3. Thanks ever so much Paula! Yes, it is, it's lovely to see the palettes of colours changing and overlapping!


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